History and benefits of C language

c++ training in ChennaiHistory of C.

C training in Chennai says that in the year 1970 Dennis Ritchie developed a middle level programming language which is called as the C language. During this development process Dennis was work with AT&T Bell labs in USA. The main purpose as to why this programming language was developed was to redesign the UNIX operating system which would enable the users to use it across various computers.

UNIX operating system was developed in the year 1969, for development of UNIX there was another language which was used to enhance the features of UNIX this language was called as the B language. This B language being a high end assembly language did not succeed in enhancing the UNIX.

Due to this drawbacks Dennis was motivated to develop a new programming language, this language is called as C language. In the C language most of the syntax and data types were as same as that of B language.  In year 1972 a full version of C programming language was launched and this new language was a very advanced one which contained both high-level functionality and detailed features which was required to program and develop an operating system. Unix training in Chennai says that if examined closely you will notice that many UNIX components are rewritten in C.

After the advantages of using C language were spread all over and the usage of C language was increased very much. One drawback of this language was that it was easily editable so many companies came up with their own versions of C language. This was becoming a huge trouble and this needed standardization after much debate in the year 1993 they gave a standard definition of C.

C language has been the basics for many similar languages, to name some of them they include, C++, Java, Javascript, Rust, Python, Perl.

Advantages of C language as per C training in Chennai

  • C language being a middle language combines the feature of both high and low level languages. This means that C language can be used even for editing simple kernels and it can also be useful for scripting of some high end software applications.
  • C language being a structured language allows the user to break the complicated functions into simple functions.
  • C programming language is case sensitive.
  • C portable and it is used for scripting system applications.
  • C is general purpose programming language hence it can be used for programming various types of applications.

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